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Figuring It Out with Beth Ann Williams

When health challenges made hand-sewing, hand appliqué, and hand quilting no longer physically viable, Beth Ann's first instinct was dismay and discouragement. However, no-nonsense Grandma Baldwin gave her a loving (but stern!) "No pity parties - just figure out a different way." So, Beth Ann turned to her trusty sewing machine and began devising ways to achieve the fine quality quilting and appliqué she craved faster and easier than she ever thought possible. A career was born! Now an accomplished author, designer, instructor, and Brand Ambassador for Cotton Cuts, Beth Ann enjoys sharing her accessible machine piecing, "invisible" machine appliqué, and creative machine quilting techniques with other quilters and fiber artists around the world.

We loved Beth Ann's perspective on social media. She found a way to make it enjoyable, thinking of her posts as a way to talk to her friends. In this podcast episode, she gives us a free lesson on how she sets up her ad campaigns - whoa, people pay lots of money for that kind of information!! Such generosity simply proves that quilters are the best.

You can find her viral videos on Instagram (@bethann.williams)

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