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Growing Your Quilt Business Playlist 3: Inspiration

This week we are sharing a Playlist for the established business owner, the last playlist for Season 1! You can still see Playlist 1: Ideation and Playlist 2: Growing on our Blog!

Let's dive into Playlist 3: Inspiration! 

Feel free to listen in while you're commuting, planning, wrapping presents, baking, sewing, creating, or secretly at your day job (wait...that just might be us!):

Playlist 3:

I've been in business and am looking for Inspiration

You've been in business for a little while (or a long while), take a listen to the episodes below for new ideas and inspiration: 

Figure it Out with Beth Ann Williams have an area of business where you're feeling stuck? We loved the advice from her Grandma of the Heart! Beth Ann's approach to social media is also a breath of fresh air if social media feels like a drag for you. 

Our Favorite Books about Creativity and Business Have you read any or all of these? We share our favorite books and why! 

Be Strategic with Social Media: Social Media is a powerful tool but can drain all your time and energy. Listen in for ideas on how to be more strategic with what you're doing with social media.

Setting Your Prices for Workshops and Services Have you hit an income plan? Do you feel drained instead of excited when you offer a workshop or finish custom quilting a beautiful quilt? It may be time to raise your prices. Listen in on our strategy on how to price your Workshops and Services.  

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Blog Bonus

Looking for more reading material? We have a few more resources on our blog designed for quilt business owners!

Bonus Blog Post 1: Turning Social Media Dread to Joy with Beth Ann Williams

Bonus Blog Post 2: Our Business Library

Do you know a Side Hustler who would find this useful? We'd Love for you to share! 



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