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How to Grow Your Quilt Business: Playlist 2 from Season 1!

Lets dive into Playlist 2: You've Started! Lets get growing.

We are sharing 3 curated Playlists for the next few weeks for each stage of business. No matter which stage you're in you can find some great ideas and value in each Playlist.

Feel free to listen in while you're commuting, planning, wrapping presents, baking, sewing, creating, or secretly at your day job (wait...that just might be us!)

Playlist 2:

I've Started and Ready to Grow

If you've started your business and looking to grow, you can find some great stories and resources for growing and planning for the future in today's playlist: 

The Power of Collaborations with Becca: Collaborations are a great way to grow your network and your audience. 

Becoming a Great Vendor with Debbie Is vending on your list of goals for 2024? Debbie gave great advice! 

Grow Your Business with Multiple Income Streams: Are you looking to go deeper with your products? Take a listen to get ideas on how to incorporate multiple income streams.

The Power of Listening with Rachel: Rachel's story of pivoting is powerful and really illustrates what can happen when you take time to really listen to your ideal customers. 

Setting Your Prices for Workshops and Services We are encouraging you to price to thrive! Take a listen and test out this strategy on pricing your offers.  

Pursuing Your Dreams with Nancy Nancy has be creative with her business growth and we loved hearing her story of adaptability! 

Blog Bonus

Looking for more reading material? We have a few more resources on our blog designed for beginner quilt business owners!

Bonus Blog Post 1: Multiple Income Streams (free download)

Bonus Blog Post 2: Seeds of Success: Nurturing Growth through Collaborations by Becca of Sugar Sand Quilting

Do you know a Side Hustler who would find this useful? We'd Love for you to share!


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