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Inspiration for Designing Quilt Patterns

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

S1E4 - Join Tori and Andi as they discuss their process for writing quilt patterns. Does it start with design elements or fabric choices? There are many variables and strategies when planning a quilt. In this episode, Tori and Andi share their design process, from the styles and techniques they prefer to their analysis of the quiltmakers who will eventually buy the patterns.

Looking for design software? EQ8 is the current version of the Electric Quilt program that makes it easy to plan a quilt layout. You can re-color with the click of the mouse and it evens does calculations of fabric requirements for you! Learn more and purchase with this affiliate link.

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Andi had the experience of designing on a deadline when she was an Island Batik Ambassador. Each month, she had to make a quilt project following the theme guidelines. Sometimes a specific fabric collection was assigned and others she could choose her own colors. You can see her designs in this collection of YouTube videos.

Tori gets inspired when she sees a color grouping that sparks an interest. Her pattern Target the Stars is the gorgeous result of one such inspirational moment!

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