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Quilting as a Hobby to a Quilting Business: Your Playlist to Help You Get Serious about Business

Season 2 of Quilting on the Side was full of great information for taking yourself seriously as a business. Are you just starting out? Have you been working on your business for a year and still don’t feel like a business?

This playlist is for you!

We have compiled some of the best episodes Including wonderful guest episodes that has some great advice for establishing yourself as a business.

Feel free to listen in while you're commuting, planning, doing menial tasks, baking, sewing, creating, or secretly at your day job (wait...that just might be us!):


Establishing Yourself as a Business

Setting Business Goals - Getting serious about your business means beginning the next chapter with the end goal in mind. This episode is a great way to plan for the next year, quarter, or even month! Want more help with Goals?? Click Here for our Blog and Workbook.

Get Serious! Establish yourself as a business, not a hobby - Let's move you away from the hobbyist mindset and discuss how to establish yourself as a business.

Teamwork! The Power of Collaboration - Collaboration with industry colleagues is a great way to show up as your business with support. We list several ideas for collaborations in this episode!

Tracking KPIs for business growth - KPIs = Key Performance Indicators. How do you tell if your business is healthy? These are key metrics for you to track.

Journey to Longarm Mastery- Our Chat with Brandie Nelson - Brandie speaks on how she began her longarming business by being an apprentice of an established longarmer. She gives a wonderfully in-depth look at her business. This is an excellent episode for all longarm quilters and service providers.

Family Dynamics - One of the many ways to get serious about your business is to set loving boundaries. In this episode, we interview Tori's husband and discuss how having a business affects the family.

Variety is the spice of life - our chat with Ashli Montgomery - Ashley Montgomery speaks on how she set up her quilting business as a nonprofit and set up a separate business to mix her love of quilting, baking, and writing. We found that the way she got serious about her businesses and how she chose to structure them was very inspiring for multi-passionate entrepreneurs.

Show up with purpose - networking at a trade show - Getting serious about your business also means showing up as a business. Trade shows are an amazing way to grow through networking and collaboration, but it does require you to show up as a business. Learn how Tori prepared to show up at h+h Americas.

Blog Bonus

Looking for more reading material? We have a few more resources on our blog designed for quilt business owners!

Bonus Blog Post 1: A Guide to Goal Setting for Your Business: Lessons from the hosts of Quilting on the Side Read More

Bonus Blog Post 2: Growing a Longarm Business with Brandie Nelson

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