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Hosts: Andi Stanfield & Tori McElwain

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Welcome to "Quilting on the Side," the podcast that weaves together the art of quilting and the pursuit of a profitable side business. Join co-hosts Tori and Andi as they delve into the world of quilt pattern design, course creation, and digital marketing, guiding you on a journey to turn your favorite hobby into a money-making venture.

Tori and Andi, brought together by fate in a business-building course, quickly became accountability partners and embarked on their e-commerce adventures. Despite living miles apart, their friendship and collaborations have flourished over the years.

Each week, tune in for an insider's look at the dynamic realm of quilting, entrepreneurship, and diverse income streams. Discover the latest trends in fabric and craft industries as Tori and Andi engage in candid conversations. Expect thought-provoking discussions with special guests—quilters and designers boasting a wide range of business models, from digital courses to brick-and-mortar shops.

Subscribe now and immerse yourself in honest conversations about quilting on the side. Let "Quilting on the Side" inspire you to manage a profitable, crafty side hustle while balancing family and other responsibilities. Get ready to stitch your dreams into reality!

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