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Donate or become a sponsor! We have several packages below to choose from and we'd love to help support your creative business! 

Female Developers


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Leave a review with your name and your buinesses name and we will give you a shout out! We love to get your feedback and the reviews help more quilting and creative businesses find the podcast. This is also a great way for us to bring on more guests! Thank you! 


Donate What You Can

We appreciate your generosity and will continue to bring valuable content and guests for you to learn from on the Quilting on the Side Podcast. Please know that these donations will directly offset the costs of website hosting, podcast hosting, equipment, and stocking merchandise. Thank you!

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Sponsorship for the Solopreneur and Small Business

Are you launching a course, workshop, or product that you know our business minded quilting and creative business owners would benefit from? We'd love to talk to you about sponsoring our podcast! Opportunities include guest blog post(s), newsletter sponsorship, and sponsorships (think "commercials") on a series of podcast episodes. We would be happy to assist you with Ad creation.

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