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A Guide to Goal Setting for Your Business: Lessons from the hosts of Quilting on the Side

Updated: Jun 18

Welcome to your go-to resource for turning your passion for quilting into a profitable and fulfilling side hustle. For those new to our circle, we are Tori from The Quilt Patch by Tori and Andi from True Blue Quilts and we are the hosts of the podcast, Quilting on the Side! 

In Season Two we started off our podcast season with a conversation about one of the most crucial pieces of running any business, but especially for multi-passionate entrepreneurs and creatives like us: goal setting

If there's one thing that propels a business toward success, it's setting clear, actionable, and measurable goals. Just as a quilter must carefully plot each stitch to create a beautiful fabric masterpiece, anyone in business must do the same through goal setting. Whether you're planning for the year, quarter, or month, we're here to guide you through a goal-setting process that can be tailored to any timeline.

The beauty of goals is in their specificity. It's essential to break them down into manageable sizes, like squares in a quilt, so they become achievable rather than daunting. 

"I like working with shorter timeframes for business goals and project planning because a year feels like you can get so many things done... I find that keeping the timeframe to 3 to 6 months gives a much better chance of getting through the entire list." - Andi

Before we get into the step-by-step list, we want to mention two key pieces that may not get mentioned as much.

One, Understanding Your Entrepreneurial Personality

Knowing your personality style is vital. Are you able to pull things together quickly and launch new projects, or do you prefer a meticulous, well-researched approach? Understanding this can help you set realistic goals.

"I’m a mix, I like to have a general plan for the year but leave wiggle room for new ideas." - Tori

Two, Balancing Life and Business

It's critical to balance big life events with your business goals. For example, Andi had a major event this year—her daughter's high school graduation. She planned to supplement celebrations with additional income from her quilt business.

"And remember, put the big rocks in the bucket first. Plan your time so that family and rest are prioritized." - Andi

Now, let’s get specific about goal setting. Grab your Workbook here.

Here is where you start: 

  1. Start by Dreaming: Visualize where you want to be at the end of the year. Narrow it down to where you want to be each quarter and month.

  2. Get Specific: Clear, concise and measurable goals steer your business towards success. Make sure your goals are specific and have a well-defined timeline.

  3. Plan Backwards: Consider significant life events and work backward from there with your business launches and plans.

  4. Brainstorm Action Steps: One way to achieve your goals is by brainstorming specific action steps. Try to identify three key next steps that will help you reach your goal.

  5. Be Flexible: Allow room for change. If a project isn’t fulfilling, it’s okay to let it go.

  6. Realistic Expectations: Especially in your first few years, don't overstress about hitting revenue goals without solid data to back it up.

  7. Celebrate Your Wins: No victory is too small to celebrate. Recognizing your progress boosts your motivation and makes you accountable for your own success.

  8. Accountability is Crucial: Having an accountability partner or community can help you stay focused on your goals. They will cheer you on and help you stay on track.

  9. Continuous Learning: Keep learning and expanding your knowledge base. Remember to align your learning with your specific business goals.

We hope these tips help you set and achieve your quilting business goals this year. 

Be sure to grab our goal setting worksheet to help you take action with your goals right now!

For more guidance, subscribe to our podcast and newsletter. We're excited to see what you'll accomplish this year—so let's make it your best year ever!

Remember, have fun in your business, and don't forget to do a little quilting on the side.


Grab the Quilting On the Side Notebook for your notes!

Need the Goal Setting Workbook? Get it free here.


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