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How to Start a Quilt Business Playlist from Season 1: Quilting on the Side Podcast

We know we have a wide range of listeners, from "I have an idea! But I haven't started yet" to "I've been in this industry of umpteen years and am looking for new ideas" and we have different Playlists designed for each stage!

We will be sharing 3 Playlists for the next few weeks pulled from Season 1 of the Quilting on the Side Podcast, one for the Idealizing Stage, Beginner Stage, and the Long-term Professional Stage. However, you can listen in no matter which stage you're in! Each is filled with inspiration and helpful tips, so no matter which stage you're in you can find some great ideas and value in each Playlist.

Feel free to listen in while you're commuting, planning, wrapping presents, baking, sewing, creating, or secretly at your day job (wait...that just might be us!):

Playlist 1:

I have an idea, but I haven't started, yet!

If you're in the idealizing phase of a business, you can find some great stories and resources for finding inspiration and planning for the future:

Plan For Business Expenses: Get a leg up and prepare for the costs before you start!

Simplifying for Success with Jen from Patterns by Jen: Simple is best, we stand by that and Jen is a great example!

Inspiration for Design: whether your a pattern designer or not, its great to find inspiration for your creativity outside of the box.

Our Favorite Books: Resources for Creativity and setting up a business

Go For It with Belle Brunner: because seriously, go for it! We'd love to welcome you into the entrepreneurial world! 

Looking for more reading material? We have a few more resources on our blog designed for beginner quilt business owners!

Bonus Blog Post 1: Picture Perfect Quilts: How to Take Great Quilt Pictures

Bonus Blog Post 2: Choosing Colors for Sample Quilts

Know a budding hustler that would find this useful? We'd Love for you to share!


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