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Becoming a Great Vendor: Debbie from Wendt Quilting

Once upon a time, Debbie was a home economics teacher. She went to a quilting class thinking she could learn something new to use in her classroom. The twists and turns of life took her to Cairo, Egypt, where she got involved with other ex-patriates and local crafters who shared a love of quilting. When Debbie returned to the United States, she started teaching quilt classes and developed the Brilliant Binding Tool.

Over the years, Debbie has developed a product line of thirteen patterns that use the Brilliant Binding tool. She began traveling around the United States to teach her methods at quilt shows and on the podcast, she graciously shared many tips for anyone considering setting up a booth.

Besides her own tool, Debbie admits her favorite notion is the humble #2 pencil, preferably the Papermate mechanical version. We agree! Having a pencil comes in very handy for marking fabric and making notes about your quilt project.

Learn more about Debbie's adventures and beautiful quilt patterns at Wendt Quilting.

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