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Favorite Notions from Season 1

We ask every guest to share a favorite notion or quilting tool with our audience. It is fascinating to hear about the items that make life easier as a quilter and to get recommendations about new-to-us gadgets that can improve our craft.

This blog post includes affiliate links, so if you decide to purchase, we will earn a small commission that helps to offest the costs associated with hosting a podcast and website. Many thanks for your continued support!

If you are ready to start quilting the layers of your project, Becca recommends a Hera marker and 505 basting spray.

Jen uses That Purple Thang to prevent thread nests.

Debbie loves the many uses of her Brilliant Binding Tool, and also keeps a Papermate Pencil handy.

Rachel is in love with Diagonal Seam Tape and the Blade Saver Thread Cutter.

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Belle developed Jumbo Alphabet and Number Clips to stay organized.

Marlene never leaves home without her Karen K Buckley Perfect Scissors.

Beth Ann has many uses for masking tape.

Nancy doesn't fear mistakes when she has the Quick Ripper.

How many of these notions do you own? Please leave a comment and tell us about the quilting notions that you cannot live without!

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