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The Business of Quilting: Products, Notions, and Patterns oh my!

Season 2 of Quilting on the Side was full of great information for product design, development, and marketing. Not only for what products can be sold to the quilting industry but also for how to do it and inspirational stories about how others have done it.

Need help selling products? This playlist is for you!

Feel free to listen in while you're commuting, planning, doing menial tasks, baking, sewing, creating, or secretly at your day job (wait...that just might be us!):


Products, Notions, Patterns, oh my!

Setting Business Goals - Getting serious about your business means beginning the next chapter with the end goal in mind. This episode is a great way to plan for the next year, quarter, or even month! Want more help with Goals?? Click Here for our Blog and Workbook.

Building a diverse product line - our chat with Julie Luoma - Julie Luoma is a product developer as well as a quilter, teacher, and business owner. She has amazing insight into developing products in the quilting space.

The Ups & Downs of Product Launches - Launching Products can be a challenge, especially if you're confused about what launching is and how to prepare for your launch and your mindset.

Look for the Lessons - A Tale of Two Launches - We loved the insights from this episode! We did a case study between our guest Julie Wachs' launch and Andi's launch of their different offers.

Make it Easy - our chat with Becky Campbell - Our chat with Becky Campbell was a unique interview and Becky gave an interesting perspective on product development.

Where to Sell Online - There are so many options, how do you choose where to sell your products online?

Show up with purpose - networking at a trade show - Getting serious about your business also means showing up as a business. Trade shows are an amazing way to grow through networking and collaboration, but it does require you to show up as a business. Learn how Tori prepared to show up at h+h Americas.

Quick MeetUps - Rapid Fire interviews from H&H - Hear advice from others who attended h+h amercias and how trade shows can help grow your business.

Blog Bonus

Looking for more reading material? We have a few more resources on our blog designed for quilt business owners!

Bonus Blog Post: A Guide to Goal Setting for Your Business: Lessons from the Hosts of Quilting on the Side Read More

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