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We Asked, They Answered! Favorite Notions, Season 2

One of the most fun aspects of the podcast is the Rapid Fire Question portion. I am always surprised that there are very few repeat answers! The quilting world is full of such diverse opinions that there is room for everyone, and I love learning something new from my fellow quilters.

We ask each guest, "What is your favorite notion or tool ?" Here is the round-up from Season 2, with something for everyone - designers, free-motion quilters and applique enthusiasts!

Andi and Tori with a picture of quilting notions

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Ashli Montgomery mentioned the need for good lighting. There are several models from Ott that will brighten up your space.

Darla Hall loves her Tula Pink 4in snips. Good scissors are a must when sewing.

Lyric Kinard relies on technology and your phone is your best friend! Keep notes about projects, find inspiration from social media, and explore your creativity with a variety of design apps.

Kris O'Neill shared the Sewline three color pencil and Acorn liquid starch pen as must-haves while she quilts.

Becky Campbell developed the English Paper Piecing Made Easy templates and they really are a game-changer. Visit Sewforver Quilting to choose your EPP shapes.

Sherri Noel loves Roxanne’s Glue Baste-it for applique. It can be used for any seam, and even your binding.

Julie Luoma recommends Famore Rotary Cutters and rulers with EeziGrip coating. You can find a wide range of ruler sizes at Off the Wall Quilt.

Brandie Nelson gave us a long list of quilting supplies that make life easier. Number 1 on her list is an extension table from Sew Steady. She also mentioned Kai scissors, duckbill tweezers, a seam ripper, and Machingers gloves.

Okay, admit added some things to your shopping list, right? We'd love to know which tools you find most useful! Leave a comment and tell us about YOUR favorite notion.


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